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laminating machine
Name: cold laminating film covering machine
laminating machine description:
    1、Type 1600(
    2、The maximum mounts width 1600mm.
    3、The maximum mounts thickness 10mm(Type in common use)20mm(Peculiar type).
    4、The maximum mounts the length not being limited.
    5、Hand mounts mechanics. Unnecessarily power source.
    6、Dimension 1835×450×970mm

Instruction of cold laminating film covering machine:

    This machine has adopted the cold extruding technology; through putting the cold laminating film on the surface of the picture, it enables the picture to possess the qualities of corruption-proof, water-proof, and UV-protection. Pictures being cold laminated will not fade and become yellow; making the stereoscopic impression of the pictures much more obvious, therefore greatly increasing the artistic appeal of the pictures.
    The machine is equipped with uniquely-designed high quality rubber roller, making the covering film much more flat; it can be widely used in mounting materials in the areas such as the modern wedding veil, art photography,digital print, calligraphy&painting, poster, advertising photography, design sketch and documents, etc.

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